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No, I'm not dead.

2015-03-13 15:16:40 by JessTheNoob


Game Grumps 3D Animated: Dan Breaks His Neck



Rooster Teeth's RWBY: Game of Thrones Intro Fanimation


Those are just a few among the others I have up on my channel right now. I'm hoping to start a tutorial series as I seem to get a lot of messages asking how to start animating or advice about it. Anyway I'd really appericiate it if you guys could share my video around, it would really help me a lot!

(And I'll love you forever)


($2.00 each.) (I tested them out myself.) (for real I did it)

Also my store is still up and running, I just haven't done anything really new recently, but I still have some artwork left on there if you would like to order. They were drawn by my on Photoshop and are printed on 8.5 x 11 soft gloss paper which has a white boarder around the image. If you would like me to sign your print please feel free to request it in the notes when you order!

I've also recently added sticker They are printed on sticker paper which is restickable! They leave no residue and are safe to stick on walls, laptops, cellphone cases, or even your face . 

If you fancy something more, you can order my selected packages I've places, so you can get 2 or 3 super awesome artwork by me at a low price! 


Anyway have a look yourself here:

My store:







Shout out to everyone who is a fan of me, I really apperciate it, even though I don't get why lol

But if you have any questions or anything drop them in the comments or messages me on my other accounts (I'll answer faster that way.)

Till next time <3

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2014-12-21 16:49:28 by JessTheNoob

Before I continue, I wanna wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy holidays! :) So I still haven't upload much on here lol I'm very sorry. I'm focusing on my 3d animation right now and I don't know if anyone would even be interested in it on here because NG is flash based (which I will still do) but anyway those who are fans of me, Thank you so much (I don't know why, I'm not funny, I promise.) but I do have my new animations up on my youtube channel: I am always active on Youtube. 


As for my 2D animation, I'm actually thinking about animating a MV for one of Starbomb's songs from their first album. Don't know which one yet, but If I am unable to get models/rigs set up for 3D I'm going to animate in Flash. I haven't given up on 2D animation, I will do it, it's just more practicle if I do 3D animation more because I am a 3d animator, I have the equiptment and I am a lot faster in animating in 3D (plus I want to do 3D animation for my career, so it's better practoce for me.)  


Anyway I don't think I formally said it on here? (I don't remember) I've opened a store on my website, so you can buy my artwork :) I'm going to have stickers/buttons/and smaller items soon, but for now it's prints. (Right now I have a holiday sale, select prints are on sale and you can get 10% off when you use the promo code snowsale10. This is valid until December 31th. Also note, if you do order now, I cannot garuntee it will be there before Christmas.)


Well that's my update. I hope I will be more active on NG in 2015! ^^ Bye for now <3











Hello everyone!

I haven't been on NG for a really long time. Two reasons, school + no work to post. I just graduated so I'm happy about that! I've gotten to make a lot things and create new animations which I should be posting here. I probably will soon but in the mean time I have opened up a store on my website if you are interested in buying any of my artwork please feel free to head over to my website at:

Also here is my animation demo reel I've been working on since last year! 


Till then!



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2013-06-19 13:12:29 by JessTheNoob


So I haven't been much on newgrounds since last december. Honestly I've been busy with school after my computer lost it's video card (It's all fixed now!) But other than that I haven't been working on any 2D animations, to be honest I've hit a creative block, I guess it's all from the stress of college and other personal things. But since I started summer last month. I figured I'd give myself time and slowly get back into it. That's exactly what I've done, so far it seems to be working.

I got the new animation short on the way. The one that I wanted to release last december but never did. I'm glad I didn't, it would have looked terrible and rushed. I can safely say I will probably be done with it within a week or two, giving everything will go as planned.

Anyway if anyone wants any updates with what i'm doing you can head over to my facebook page JessTheNoob for more or you can follow me on Twitter @JessTheNoob. I'm also on Tumblr and DA. All the links are on my NG page.

Thanks guys,


FML. Ugh

2012-12-20 16:11:36 by JessTheNoob


So my computer broke down, the one I use for school and animate on. So FML I don't know when I'll get it back which means:

1. I'm screwed for school
2. The new parody short I was working on will be delayed
3. I need to spend money (which i barely have) to get my computer fixed
4. My Christmas break is ruined because I wanted to animate things

Merry Christmas to me -_- So I figured out my video card died (go figure, its what I get for being a 3D artist) The parts have been ordered but I don't know how long it will take for me to get because it's almost Christmas. SO which means I have no time to animate at all. I'm so upset because I was excited for my new parody and excited that I had a great voice actor (SirUndead) as the main character. If I have no time after my break I'm going to have to just finish it during the summer, I'm so so sorry guys. But school is #1 to me, as I do want to graduate.

Forgive me everyone, I'll try to get something out over this Christmas break, maybe some artwork or some random video on my youtube channel

Well Merry Christmas everyone and Happy New Year.

Oh and if we die tomorrow, you know the "end of the world". It was nice to have a great start here on Newgrounds and on Youtube, and thank you to everyone who enjoyed all my little animations.

Anyway I'm gonna go sulk now.

FML. Ugh


2012-12-16 20:08:07 by JessTheNoob

Hi. So back in October I was making a fan animation for Game Grumps, It was soon scraped, but I figured maybe you guys wanna see it until I finish the rest of my parody? (And no this is a different fan animation than the other one I posted about)

Game Grumps Fan Animation

Silence Will Fall.

2012-12-11 20:41:49 by JessTheNoob


The Silence 3D Model.

And here's a preview of Game Grumps fan animation. May be post poned so I can start my parody short but not sure yet.

Silence Will Fall.

HI. So I have a week left of school. HOORAYYYY! Which means I can go back to animating my shorts. I might have to push them back a bit because I haven't animated anything since the beginning of October. So may be delayed. I feel so bad, I AM SO SORRY! But if you guys wants the new parody I'm working on I may just have to do the Game Grumps fan animation after I'm done.

In other news, I decided I would like to become a 3D Modeler. Oh yeah 3D models are badass but a pain in the ass as well. So here's one of the model I've been working on. This is my first character model EVER! Oh yes it's The Slience from Doctor Who. Please know that I was scared the entire time I was creating this.

This sexy beast right here is my model.

Anyway stay tuned for the new Parody! :D


3D Animation WHOA!

2012-11-14 21:27:19 by JessTheNoob

Hey, sup? So this is my 3d animation project from my animation class. Pretty okay with it, but if you have any feedback I'd love to hear it.


Oh. Well. Yeah.

2012-10-21 23:52:17 by JessTheNoob


So I've been like gone forever due to school.I just wanted everyone to know that I have 2 animation projects in the works. One regarding a fan animation for Game Grumps. If you don't know who they are you should be ashamed... Anyway I'm hoping to get this out by next month. My other BIG one will be hopefully be done for the end of December or starting next year. Yeah I know long time away form now, but it's the best I can do. I have to work at a slow pace due to school. Also SirUndead ( will be voicing the main character for me! You should check him out, he's pretty awesome!

In other news. I'm dying at school.

Okay bye!!1