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No, I'm not dead.

2015-03-13 15:16:40 by JessTheNoob


Game Grumps 3D Animated: Dan Breaks His Neck



Rooster Teeth's RWBY: Game of Thrones Intro Fanimation


Those are just a few among the others I have up on my channel right now. I'm hoping to start a tutorial series as I seem to get a lot of messages asking how to start animating or advice about it. Anyway I'd really appericiate it if you guys could share my video around, it would really help me a lot!

(And I'll love you forever)


($2.00 each.) (I tested them out myself.) (for real I did it)

Also my store is still up and running, I just haven't done anything really new recently, but I still have some artwork left on there if you would like to order. They were drawn by my on Photoshop and are printed on 8.5 x 11 soft gloss paper which has a white boarder around the image. If you would like me to sign your print please feel free to request it in the notes when you order!

I've also recently added sticker They are printed on sticker paper which is restickable! They leave no residue and are safe to stick on walls, laptops, cellphone cases, or even your face . 

If you fancy something more, you can order my selected packages I've places, so you can get 2 or 3 super awesome artwork by me at a low price! 


Anyway have a look yourself here:

My store:







Shout out to everyone who is a fan of me, I really apperciate it, even though I don't get why lol

But if you have any questions or anything drop them in the comments or messages me on my other accounts (I'll answer faster that way.)

Till next time <3

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